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5 Unique Project Ideas For Developers

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Enhance your resume with these projects

Today we are going to discuss some interesting project ideas that might be fun for anyone to do, and especially if you’re a beginner trying to find your first job as a developer, these projects can compensate for your lack of experience.

Every project I am going to mention, I did on my own.
These projects helped me get my first and second job as a developer while still being enrolled in a bachelor’s degree in CS.

Automation Project

Nobody likes doing repetitive stuff that doesn’t require any ‘special’ skill.
At that time, I tried to come up with a lot of project ideas to build and I thought that it would be nice to automate the creation of a repository locally and on Github.

Normally, to create a repo you would have to go to Github, open a repo, then locally run a few commands in order to connect to the remote repo and upload some README file.

Although that’s not a long process, I found it repetitive enough to try and automate it.

You can find the code for this project on my Github.

I also wrote a story on my blog explaining how I did it.

Algorithm Implementation and Visualization

This is one of my favorite projects, and that’s even weird calling it a project since it is around 30 lines of code stored as a gist on my Github, and yet, from my experience, it seems like interviewers were pretty interested in this one and I found myself talking about it often.

The project is, learn some algorithm, implement it on your own and find a cool way to visualize it.

In my case, I have chosen the algorithm of image compression using SVD.

The code for this ‘project’ can be found on my Github.

For this project, I wrote an article on my blog which explains the math behind this algorithm as well as including a demo of the visualization.

If you are just intrigued and want to see the demo, there you go

Multithreaded Project

For this assignment, we had to implement some of the ‘synchronization primitives’ such as a semaphore and a producer-consumer queue.
After completing this part, we got to program a variation of Game Of Life by John Conway.

Coding this was very challenging and I am pretty proud of the end result.
You can apply the multithreaded approach to a lot of different stuff and make a nice project out of this.

You can check out the code on my Github.
Didn’t have the chance to write anything about that, should I?
Anyway, I have a short demo for you

Game Project

Everybody loved playing Snake around 20 years ago, I had my Nokia brick phone where I played this game non-stop.

20 years later, I found myself implementing this game myself.
To make it more enjoyable, I added some background music I liked, and every time I passed my highest score I would pop up some random meme so no surprise that after finishing implementing this I found myself playing it for hours.

The code for this project can be found on my Github.

API Project

This project is the most recent one I did, finished it around a week or two ago and I am pretty happy with the result.

This project includes building an API from scratch while also maintaining a database.

I browsed Kaggle looking for some dataset that will make me think “I want to work with this one”. no surprise that I found myself working with a pokemon database.

The API I created is able to query for pokemons by name or by their types while also being able to create, remove, and update pokemons.

The code for this project can be found on my Github.

I also wrote an article on my blog covering everything I did.

Final Words

I hope you found this list useful or at least somewhat inspiring.
I enjoyed working on all of these projects and I hope you’re gonna do as well.

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